Infinite Campus Parent Portal Information 

Parent Portal through Infinite Campus is a multi-use, secured system that improves communications between Rock Valley Community Schools and parents. Parent Portal allows schools to track emergency contact information for students and provides parents access to a variety of information including grades and assignments.

How to Activate Your Parent Portal Account

To access the Parent Portal, you will need your Campus Portal Activation Key. The key is a unique 32 character code that matches you to your students within Infinite Campus. If you are new to the district, or don't have your activation key, please contact the RVCSD office. Due to data security reasons, we will not be giving the activation keys over the phone. We need to be sure that the person requesting access, is who they say and have a legal right to access data for students in our district.

Once you have received your 32 character activation code, click HERE to activate your parent portal account.

Already have a Parent Portal Account?

Click the icon below to log in. You may also download the mobile app for your device.


What Is Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus is a district-wide student information system designed to manage attendance, grades, schedules and other information about the students within the Rock Valley Community School District. It offers separate portals for Teachers, Parents and Students.

Why do I need an account with Infinite Campus’ Parent Portal?

Parent Portal is beneficial for both parents and the district. The confidential and secure website gives parents easy access to student information. It also helps schools keep emergency information for parents up-to-date.

What information can be found on Parent Portal?

  • Account information for the Student Portal
  • Assignments & Grades for each student (note: assignments for grade 6-12 students only)
  • Class schedules for each student
  • A family calendar that displays attendance events and assignments due for all students in the household (note: assignments for grade 6-12 students only)
  • Attendance by term/trimester and period for the year
  • Certain demographic information

Who can access the Campus Parent Portal?

Only parents and guardians designated with legal rights to student records may receive a Parent Portal account. Each parent/guardian Portal account provides access to information for any student in which the parent/guardian has legal rights to records.