Thursday, March 23, 2017
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March 23, 2017


PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES – will be held today from 4:00 to 8:00.  There will be no school tomorrow!


FALL SESSION DRIVERS ED – The fall session dates have changed.  Please stop in and see Ms. Negaard this week to pick up a new updated letter. 


GOLF T-SHIRTS – order forms are in the office and due by March 30th.


SCHOLARSHIPS - High School Students are reminded that the school gives out several volunteer scholarships.  Look for opportunities to make a difference and volunteer your time. 

  • Rock Valley will be offering several new scholarships starting this year called Impact Scholarships.  The scholarships will be based on your impact at school and in our community and on your participation in different groups as a manager, officer, participant, player, actor, etc.  This is for the students who are great supporters behind the scenes, leaders who are making an impact and for students who are committed on making an impact by making our school better and supporting programs they are involved in all four years of high school.
  • Students what you do now, makes a difference for your future.
  • Seniors remember April 15th is the deadline for your scholarship applications.



· If you have a NON RV student as a date for the Grand March, Banquet or Dance you NEED to get a guest registration form from Mrs. Roder.  To attend the banquet your date needs to be a junior or senior

· If anyone needs help finding a Prom Dress or Tux please contact Mrs. Roder. 


TODAY’S LUNCH – Hamburger, French Fries, Broccoli, Pears